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Do We Really Need to Take Vitamins and Minerals?

Doctors have been taught to think that we get all the nutrition our body needs from just eating a balanced diet. That may have been true 50 to 100 years ago, but most of us, today, don’t eat a balanced diet. In fact, most of the food we eat today does not contain the nutrients in it that our parents or grandparents ate. As a result, many of us are nutritionally deficient in the necessary […]

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Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Drug-induced nutrient depletion may be one of the most significant side effects that people are not aware of when they take prescription (and some over-the-counter) medications. So the question is how many people are at risk of developing drug-induced nutrient depletion (DIND)? With nearly one billion office visits in the US alone, more Americans than ever are taking prescription drugs. Over 40 percent of the visits had between two and seven drugs prescribed. Some of […]

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The Real Truth About Calcium & Magnesium Products

Doctors for many years have recommended to their patients, especially older adults or post-menopausal women, to take calcium to help prevent bone loss. In fact, when I was in medical school, my teachers would often recommend that we teach our patients to take antacids that contain calcium or drink more milk. But this isn’t practical for all patients. Recent medical research has shown that calcium, by itself, is insufficient in building new bone and helping […]

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