How Essential Oils Work

What is the Chemistry of Essential Oils? Essential oils are Mother Nature’s volatile aromatic compounds. They are generated within flowers, shrubs, roots, trees, bushes and seeds. They are extracted from these plants through distillation of one sort or another. The power of an essential oil is determined in the constituents and synergy of the bio-constituents

Skin Care

Avoid These Skincare Products

With all of the different beauty care products on the market and less than optimal regulation of what is put into these products, you should carefully select the skincare products you place on your body. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it will absorb chemicals you place on it. It is not uncommon

Breast Cancer

Avoid Parabens

Recently, researchers published their work in which they found higher concentrations of parabens (preservatives found in many products, especially beauty products) in the upper quadrants of the breast and axillary area, where antiperspirants are usually applied. This highly suggests that parabens may contribute to the development of breast cancer. One or more paraben esters were


How to Lessen Skin Aging

Here’s a disturbing fact – at this very moment, a destructive process called glycation (actually Advanced Glycation End Products or AGEs) is aging our skin from the inside out. What this actually means is that glycation occurs when sugar molecules bind to collagen in living tissues and form these deadly complexes called Advanced Glycation End


Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – Fact or Fad?

Recently, one of my nursing students asked me what I thought about essential oils and aromatherapy. Now she wasn’t talking about the essential fatty acids that we need to consume because we do not make them, but instead the oils that are rubbed into the skin, inhaled or ingested. To be perfectly honest, I told

Air Filtration

Air Pollution: It's not just outside

I grew up in Los Angeles, California. Fortunately, I lived a couple of miles away from some of the nicer beaches in Southern California. What I mean by this is the the daily sea breezes would blow the smog back into Center City and away from the beaches. Since we had no air conditioning (didn’t


Don't Drink the Water – if it's Stored Warm

Plastic water bottles are frequently made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE). When heated or stored in warm areas, the material releases the chemicals antimony and BPA. It’s that time of the year – Springtime turning into Summer. Spring sports are just starting. I remember when my children were younger, moms and dads would schedule which day


Age Accelerators

Aging is not just the way we look… Your skin is your largest organ in the body. We look at aging differently if we are consumers or physicians. If we get wrinkles, or aching joints or grey hair, it’s easy to think or feel that we are getting older. But your skin is just at

The Truth & Consequences of Cosmetics and Skincare

  What is Skin? It’s Not Just Our Outside!   A friend of mine was once asked by a male patient who came to his clinic as to whether or not women who use skincare products on a daily basis really have better or healthier skin than those who do not use any supplementary products?


Wine and Toxins – How Dangerous is it?

Drinking wine is one of mankind’s oldest pastimes. It’s even mentioned early in the Old Testament.  But what if it made you ill from toxic metals and pesticides? It might change your mind about having your daily glass of wine, in spite of the fact that wine contains special antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols help