Air Filtration

Air Pollution: It's not just outside

I grew up in Los Angeles, California. Fortunately, I lived a couple of miles away from some of the nicer beaches in Southern California. What I mean by this is the the daily sea breezes would blow the smog back into Center City and away from the beaches. Since we had no air conditioning (didn’t


Don't Drink the Water – if it's Stored Warm

Plastic water bottles are frequently made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE). When heated or stored in warm areas, the material releases the chemicals antimony and BPA. It’s that time of the year – Springtime turning into Summer. Spring sports are just starting. I remember when my children were younger, moms and dads would schedule which day


Age Accelerators

Aging is not just the way we look… Your skin is your largest organ in the body. We look at aging differently if we are consumers or physicians. If we get wrinkles, or aching joints or grey hair, it’s easy to think or feel that we are getting older. But your skin is just at

The Truth & Consequences of Cosmetics and Skincare

  What is Skin? It’s Not Just Our Outside!   A friend of mine was once asked by a male patient who came to his clinic as to whether or not women who use skincare products on a daily basis really have better or healthier skin than those who do not use any supplementary products?


Wine and Toxins – How Dangerous is it?

Drinking wine is one of mankind’s oldest pastimes. It’s even mentioned early in the Old Testament.  But what if it made you ill from toxic metals and pesticides? It might change your mind about having your daily glass of wine, in spite of the fact that wine contains special antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols help


Live Life Like Your Life Depends On It

Recently, I posed a question on the last day of class to my nursing students. After teaching all quarter about each organ system and its diseases, I asked them to name the things that were important to life. They came up with four things they felt were important ingredients for life. They were (1) proper


Protect Your Bones

Here’s an interesting question – Why do men and women who routinely take calcium supplements to support good bone health still suffer from loss of bone mineral density? The obvious answer is that they do not take enough calcium to replace what they lose during normal aging. But there may be other reasons too. To


Help! I'm Doing All The Right Things, But I'm Still Not Losing Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight even though you are doing everything “right”? Are you gaining weight even if your diet and exercise routine has remained the same? If so, then your hormones may be partially to blame. I’m not just talking about your “sex hormones”, but also the hormones that control appetite or how


Reviive Organics – Toxic-free and Effective at the Same Time

Prior to 1942, there were few toxins to which we were exposed. The toxic chemicals in products families use everyday have created a serious problem that is impacting their health, their quality of life and their very future. We are now the first generation of people ever exposed to such an unprecedented number of chemicals


Is Our Water Safe to Drink?

Water Pollution – Is It Really as Bad as They Say? A number of years ago when I was in college in Los Angeles (I won’t tell you when but my kids will tell you I took notes on a stone tablet, not an I-Pad), there was a Harvard Professor named Tom Lehrer who wrote