Insulin Resistance

The Hormones of Fat

Leptin and Insulin   While the Energizer Bunny runs on batteries, our bodies run on hormones. Hormones tell our bodies to burn fat and lose weight or to store fat and gain weight or to keep our weights the same. There are two key hormones that regulate food intake and energy balance in our bodies.

Bad Fats

Good Fats and Fatty Substances

The Skinny on Fats Fats and oils are part of a healthy diet and play many important roles in the body. Fat provides energy and is a carrier of important nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K and carotenoids derived from vitamin A. But fat can impact the health of our hearts and arteries


The Role of Inflammation in Obesity

What is inflammation? More and more today, research and scientific papers are written talking about inflammation. How often have we seen something criticized as “inflammatory”? From Omega-6 fats to stress to sugar to diet, everything bad seems to cause inflammation. But what exactly is inflammation and why is it such a problem? If it’s so


Yo-Yo Dieting: Breaking the Fat Cycle

Lethal Impact of Obesity (Surplus Body Fat) As I mentioned in an earlier blog, fat cells in obese people behave differently than fat cells in lean individuals. This year it’s expected that 400,000 Americans will die from the effects of excess body fat1. That’s almost the same number of those who have tobacco-related deaths. Excess


The Role of Stress and Sleep in Obesity

Chronic stress, combined with positive energy balance (accumulation of body fat because energy is stored as fat), may cause an increased risk of obesity and other metabolic diseases like diabetes. The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically in the US in the last several decades. The American Medical Association and the US Federal Drug Administration


The Role of Toxins in Obesity

In medical school, future doctors are taught that obesity is simply an imbalance of calories consumed and calories burned. In other words, if we don’t burn the same or more calories than we consume, the better becomes our chances of gaining weight. If this imbalance continues for a long time, we may become obese. This


Our Human Microbiome or 100 Trillion Mad Bacteria and I Thought We Were Alone

The Last Frontier In the “Last Frontier” of Medicine, as my Trekkie friends would say, scientists and physicians are exploring how the Microbiome and probiotics play a much larger and more vital role in our health. This role is larger than we could ever have imagined. What is the Human Microbiome? The human gastrointestinal tract


"Weighing In" on Obesity

Recently, both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the US Federal Drug Administration have declared obesity a “disease.” Doctors and researchers have known for some time that obesity has a morbidity (causes other diseases) and a mortality (causes death). So how prevalent is obesity and how dangerous is it? The following facts adapted from the


Vitamin D Supplementation Helps Patients With Heart Failure

Vitamin D is called the “Sunshine Vitamin” because it is naturally made in our skin when we are exposed to ultraviolet B rays found in sunlight. Heart failure patients are often deficient in this vitamin even during the summer months. A new five-year study investigated the potential benefits heart patients experienced when they took vitamin

Air Filtration

Air Pollution – A Toxic Exposure That Can Lead to Ill Health

It comes as no surprise that air pollution is a source of toxic exposure that can lead to ill health. In fact, it’s estimated that 5.5 million people die of diseases attributed to breathing polluted air. I grew up in Los Angeles, California in the 50’s and 60’s when the quality of air in Southern