How Or Where to Buy HempWorx CBD Oil

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If you are looking for How or Where to Buy HempWorx CBD Oil, you have probably heard of the health benefits that this product offers.
CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is an amazing supplement in a rapidly growing industry. Every week, a new CBD shop or brick and mortar store begins to sell CBD oil and products. This means that there are an increasing number of people selling CBD products that may be unreliable – essentially “snake oils.”
With the growth in popularity of CBD oil, there are few regulations to help monitor and regulate the claims of “best, high-quality supplement”. So how does the consumer determine which product to buy?
CBD oil is an extract from cannabis plants. It is usually extracted from agricultural hemp. There is little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in CBD extracted from hemp. CBD offers many of the health benefits of medical marijuana without the high.
There are a number of ways to identify top quality CBD oil:

  • It matters how CBD oil is made – Different CBD brands may have different extraction methods in order to process CBD oil from hemp. Some of the ridiculously low-priced CBD oils use toxic solvents such as propane, hexane, pentane and butane. These are hydrocarbon gases derived from petroleum and are dangerous to our health. Other CBD oils are extracted using pharmaceutical-grade ethanol (grain alcohol) to remove toxins from the plant during extraction. This method produces the highest amounts of cannabinoids as well as being the safest method. The last method is “supercritical CO2 extraction which requires expensive equipment, but ensures that the CBD oil maintains its purity through the extraction process.   (HempWorx uses this CO2 extraction method).
  • The source of the CBD matters – To get the best product, you need the best source of the hemp. The hemp plant easily absorbs anything present in the ground where it is grown and farmed. This includes heavy metals such as mercury and lead.  (HempWorx is grown with organic farming methods).
  • The amount of THC present in your CBD oil – Even in hemp, there may be a small amount of THC present in your CBD oil. The optimal level of THC should not exceed 0.3 percent. Check the label or ask for the laboratory results before buying.  (HempWorx certifies each batch with 3rd party lab testing).
  • Look for a “whole-plant” or “Full-spectrum label” – So with CBD oils, terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids will be present to work with CBD to make it more effective. We know that with any product derived from plant sources, it is important to also extract the co-factors or “helper-substances” that make the CBD work better. This may not be accomplished using only selected parts of the hemp plant.  (HempWorx uses the purest full spectrum extracts with no additional fillers or additives).
  • Ask and look for third-party lab results when buying quality CBD oils – If there aren’t certified testing results, don’t buy.  (HempWorx has 3rd party testing on each batch, so you know what you are getting).

Based upon my experience with the HempWorx CBD products, I highly recommend this product.
Click here to find How and Where To Buy HempWorx CBD Oil.

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