Wine and Toxins – How Dangerous is it?

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Drinking wine is one of mankind’s oldest pastimes. It’s even mentioned early in the Old Testament.  But what if it made you ill from toxic metals and pesticides? It might change your mind about having your daily glass of wine, in spite of the fact that wine contains special antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols help support a healthy heart. If you are like most wine drinkers and “love the grape,” you would be hard pressed to give up your glass of wine based on rumors that drinking wine is not good for you.

What are those toxic metals and how bad are they for you?

After extensive testing on both foreign and domestic wines, it was found that levels of arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, and toxic pesticides were present in levels that exceeded the standards for safety according to the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to a research study out of Kingston University in London, many wines contain heavy metals up to 200 times the amount considered safe. Other contaminating metals found in wine included  copper, manganese, zinc, nickel, chromium, and lead. California wines that were tested had unsafe levels of arsenic present.

Well the good news is – there is a product that removes the very toxins that are being found in wine and when taken daily can counteract the side effects of toxicity greatly.

Removing Toxic Metals and Chemicals With Restoriix by Nutrifii

Restoriix by Nutrifii has been called “a detox in a bottle” and has received medical licensing in Europe. Its unique patented Zeolite filtration method is very effective at removing toxic metals from the body  along with other toxic substances.  It is also recommended by doctors when you start any weight loss program.  These toxins are stored in fat and are released into your body as you shed pounds. This can make your dieting experience very miserable.

The following video by Dr. Ray Strand explains why using Restoriix on a daily basis not only helps you get peace of mind while drinking your favorite wine but also describes the many other benefits you will get.



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