The Benefits of Phytonutrients

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Some of the benefits of phytonutrients are listed below in the following table:

Plants Extracts Health Benefits
Broccoli, kale, radish Sulforaphane Growth deterrent
Cabbage Isothiocyanate Lung and other growth deterrent
Cauliflower Glucosinates, thiocyanates (sulforaphane and isothiocyanates) Breast growth deterrent
Citrus Plants Quercetin Allergies and heart problems
Garlic, onions Allicin, quercetin (onion) Breaks blood clots, lowers blood pressure,helps normalize high cholesterol levels, helps normalize irregular heartbeats, deters lung and other growths
Ginger Gingerols Arthritis relief, ulcer deterrent, healps heal skin sores, reduces nausea, and is also an antioxidant
Green Tea Leaves EGCG Antioxidant and growth deterrent, reduces cholesterol, helps deter heart problems, strokes, and infections
Ginkgo biloba leaves Flavones Improves circulation, reduces blood clots, recuces headaches, ringing in the ears, depression, and impotence
Hawthorn plant Flavonoids Lowers cholesterol and deters allergies
Paprika Canthaxanthin Antioxidant
Rosemary plant Rosmarinic acid Deters growth and helps ameliorate heart problems
Spirulina Beta-carotene, sulfolipids and glycolipids, chlorophyll Detoxifies blood and stimulates production of body’s most powerful antioxidant, superoxide dismutase
Tomato Lycopenes Growth and prostate disease deterrent
Tumeric spice plant Curcumin Arthritis relief, reduction of some tumors
Various plants Coumaric acid Growth deterrent
Most plants Chlorophyll Detoxifies blood, helps heal bedsores, and is a growth deterrent

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